Supporting every student can be hard. It doesn’t have to be. 

Intervention Compass helps educators work smarter, not harder, to make students more successful.

The Intervention Compass Advantage 

Professional Development.

An immersive learning experience that is supported by our dynamic adaptive curriculum, our advanced technology identifies potential learning pathways. At the same time, the 'human touch' of coaching interaction leads to a truly personalized learning journey and deeper coaching relationship.

Traditional PD practices, seminar attendance and conventions see little or no learning transferred to the classroom. The TeamOptix approach focuses on 'experiential learning', applying a 70 - 20 - 10 approach as we recognize that 70% of learning takes place on the job; 20% through coaching and mentoring; and 10% through formal training opportunities. Coaching is therefore critical in building space to reflect and continue to apply learning effectively in the real world.

Advanced AI and people analytics power data-driven personalized learning journeys, placing individuals and teams at the center of their own 'learning story.' The coach is able to further personalize the experience by assigning coaching assignments to the team or individual. Our patented algorithms track ongoing performance data and provide feedback on the effectiveness of coaching interaction. Bringing transparency to the effectiveness of the coaching relationship and coaching ROI.

The formal coaching process is augmented as middle leaders are supported to develop coaching skills. These skills support daily interaction with their teams, building managerial credibility and supporting ongoing conversations that lead to increased engagement and collaborative, knowledge seeking teams.

Immersive Learning Experiences

A data driven approach and early performance conversations mean that the learning journey and activities are timely and immediately meaningful to the individual and teams being coached. This leads to higher personal commitment to engage in the coaching process and to become immersed in the learning.

A dynamic and adaptive curriculum, with media rich learning resources, means that all employees benefit from an engaging curriculum that meets their current learning needs. Further supporting an immersive learning experience that builds commitment to increased workplace performance. 

Interaction facilitated through the TeamOptix platform leads to deeper relationships between the coach and those being coached as personalized materials and interaction continue learning between coaching sessions.

Building managerial coaching skills also builds deeper relationships in the workplace, focused on ensuring timely support for both individual and team success. The resultant personal development and higher team performance creates a virtuous cycle of increased engagement and increased innovation as the TeamOptix approach creates a psychologically safe environment that supports teams to move from knowledge sharing to a knowledge seeking mindset.

We all know what it feels like when a team is really “humming” — it’s the joy of working with people we trust and respect, who push us and cheer for us, and with whom we share a deep understanding of work styles. A manager-coach that helps us connect the dots on our own work styles can also help us understand our team’s and how we can work better together. Which makes work a lot more fun.

TeamOptix puts your team at the center of its own 'learning story,' providing a data-driven personalized learning journey that empowers your team to collaborate and innovate to meet the challenges of an ever more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous work environment.

Team personality profiles and team insight profiles are used to provide a data benchmark for the team's learning journey. The team immediately receives personalized, media rich, feedback and begins their learning journey. Our patented algorithms and AI direct teams and team members to the best resources and pathways to support their learning. This is all supported through the coach collaborating with the team, who experience personal growth through experiential learning.

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