Supporting every student can be hard. It doesn’t have to be. 

Intervention Compass helps educators work smarter, not harder, to make students more successful.

The Intervention Compass Advantage 

Our Expertise.

You can affect student performance and behavior changes through time with intervention management and predictive data analysis for IEPs, MTSS, RTI, and PBIS. 

What do you do in your school to save teacher time, increase test scores, and reduce risk?

Intervention Compass simplifies how we collect RTI data, distribute the results, and make student interactions more meaningful. Every day we take action in our classrooms and every day we see results as mountains of time-consuming complicated reports and data. So, what actions should we take and how do we know if they are working?

Intervention Compass accelerates learning for all students by ensuring your interventions work: every intervention, large and small. See its efficacy from the individual student to the whole school. Calibrate your school with our intervention map, let intervention compass build assessments, automatically calculate intervention efficacy and draw on the intervention library for your next actions. Intervention Compass links to your school's existing system and tools for seamless setup.


Intervention Compass automates intervention management, making it easy to both assign and track interventions to students across tiers. With all your data in one place, educators from school leaders to classroom teachers can easily get a snapshot of progress across schools and down to the individual level.

PBIS is a team effort that requires real time communication, which can sometimes seem difficult and overwhelming. Intervention compass streamlines the data and uses technology to automate the most effective behavior interventions, increasing school safety and saving teachers 1000s of hours across school districts.

With Intervention Compass, data is leveraged to make PD decisions that count, based on real-time data. We then take a 70-20-10, experiential approach to CPD. 70% of learning happens on the job, 20% through coaching and 10% through traditional PD practices. Allowing educators to discover and develop their skills based on their own personal experiences and what will work best for them is the key to increasing transfer to the classroom.

The ROI with Intervention Compass is real. By improving student success, you reduce the number of students repeating a grade, attending summer school, or being referred for Special Education which doubles the cost of education. By reducing SPED referrals, the savings more than pays for the application.

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